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General Rules
NLR - do not return to base/area where you were killed for 2 minutes and forget your previous life
RDM - don't kill without a reason
Server Threats - You'll be permabanned
No need to advert raid/carjack

Car Rules
If someone is on your car you can warn them to get off or kos
Do not block entrances to a base with your car and don't put your car places where cars shouldn't be
you can kill someone to take their car, you can also kill someone lockpicking that car as well

Raiding Rules
If the owner is on the sidewalk near their base you can kill them and proceed to raid ( also if they're in the area)
2 gangsters are required to raid
Thief jobs can only raid with eachother and hitmen if they have hits
Do not raid people who have an open base or a base you can see compltely in or go around in freely
Police can raid for illegal things and can confinscate things like money, and ILLEGAL guns
You can be raided while building
No need to fill advert with raid or carjack binds
Radios and things like that are not reasons to raid
wait 5 minutes to raid the same person

Basing Rules
You need an entrance to be obvious or stand out a little bit
3 fading doors maximum (6 keypads) and if you are a dealer you may have an extra fading door for your buy area (8 keypads)
you may use buttons and 1 way props
no invisible propsthe owner of the base is the person that owns the front door (door closest to road)
no fake keypads
no using keybinds to open fading doors unless you are building
You may not base with the opposite job (ex. thief with cop)
no jump/crouch entrances
do not rent out houses bases, however a player may buy a base off of you for your desired price
Feel free to kill anyone lockpicking or keypad cracking
You need a KOS sign to kos players within your base
Kos SIGNS are different from Kos LINES. no lines
don't buy doors you aren't going to use and don't lock players in a room.
terrorists may have an extra fading door for their kidnapped mayor, but they may not put valuables in there
C4 and battering rams should be able to knock out any props in your base
Do not hitbox abuse

Job Rules

Police -
Can raid for illegal items and wanted persons
may confinscate illegal items but may not keep printers or health/armor shipments
Can want someone for illegtal activities but must see them do it or have evidence they did it
You may own a base
Bank staff are allowed to have weapons within the bank
You may not raid the bank for what they are storing
The government may restrict their areas from public access
government may kill for laws broken
do not arrest for something that isn't against the laws
Police may weapon check people on government property but not randomly
DO not kill prisoners unless they somehow break a law or exit the cell

Dealers -
Dealers must sell to anyone, however they may set the price to their desire
you may only base with other dealers

Gangster/Mob Boss -
You need 2 gangsters or a gangster and a mob boss to mug
You may take over entire buildings or roads as long as you are not blocking anything
maximum mug ammount is $5,000
you must give people at least 5 seconds to drop the cash you mugged for
you need 2 gangsters or gangster and a mob boss to steal
must give a chat warning when mugging, however it would be preffered to be a yell instead of an advert

Hobo -
Don't build in spawn
Don't micspam and spawn
Try to stay in one place while micspamming
You may be arrested during a lockdown, however your hobo homes do count as private property if they have keypads

Thieves -
Can't mug
can only raid with other thieves and hitmen

Mayor -
If kidnapped you have to do what the terrorists say unless it's against the MOTD
doing lockdowns for no GOOD reason is not allowed
only accept valid warrants
do not charge more than $1,500 for weapons licenses
You have to, at all times, make 1 weapon legal
Do not enforce the laws as mayor
If you wish to Kos inside PD make a Kos sign


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