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Star Wars RP MOTD

Post by Moa on Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:12 pm

Server Rules
Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch). This is killing without reason.
Do not FailRP (Fail Role Play). This is when you do something unrealistic.
Do not Metagame. This is using out-of-character (OOC) information for in-game purposes.
Do not Prop Minge (This includes prop climbing, prop killing, prop surfing, prop blocking, etc.)
Do not spam. ( This includes mic spam, chat spam, admin chat spam, etc.)
Do not job abuse.
Do not harass other players or admins. You must treat others with respect.
Do not enter restricted areas unless you are part of a security regiment, jedi or Commander or higher.
Respect and don't argue with event organisers. They have worked hard to get a event going and usually have a plan in motion
You may only use Comms if you are SGT or higher.
You can also not threaten other players. You will be permanently removed if caught threatening other players.
Do not leave spawn if you are a recruit. Contact an SGT and wait for them to come to you.
All rules uninterpreted or unspecified are up to admin discretion.
IF you're not "Pilot Certified" you will not operate any type of vehicles with expressed permission from admin.
All admin decisions are final.

Common Sense:
Don’t use bugs or exploits to your advantage. If you find a bug or glitch, please post it on the forums, OR tell "insert people here"
Don’t involve yourself in admin situations that you are not apart of in the first place.
Do not use OOC for Roleplay purposes.
Don’t do anything to harm the server or its players. Do not threaten the server/players maliciously in any context.
No cheating, hacking, or using third party programs of any kind to gain an advantage or access private files.
Any weapon being used on a player is considered assault.
Do not block off public areas.
If you have a suggestion for the server or if you believe that there is something to improve upon, please feel free to leave your suggestion on the forums. Do not bug the developers.

Do not leave or disconnect during an admin sit. This will reflect badly on you and will put you at risk of a ban. (If your game crashed during the admin sit, please contact the staff member that you were with.)
Bans can be appealed via our forum page "insert page here"
The only instance of disrespect is in DIRECT roleplay.
Wish to speak to a staff online use "@ admin to me". Please do not argue with staff either, it just makes their job a lot harder.


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