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Staff Application Template

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Staff Application Template

Post by Deltacool on Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:08 pm

In-Game Name:
Steam ID:
Link to Steam Profile:
Explain RDM in your own words:
Explain NLR in your own words:
Why are Server Threats not tolerated?:

Someone says thay have been scammed by a gun dealer, what do you do?:
Someone says they have been RDM'd:
You witness a raid, and you realize the owner of the base keeps coming back:
Someone is advertising another forum/community, what do you do?:
Someone says in OOC, "Hey check out my latest video! *link* ", what do you do?:

Why do you deserve this rank?:
Mic Y/N:
Hours on server within last week:
Amount of warnings and last warning date:

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